Reasons Your Lawn Needs Overseeding and Aeration 


Regular lawn maintenance basically goes a very long way in making a healthier and much thicker lawn. As a matter of fact, overseeding and aeration are excellent for promoting a greener, fuller and healthier lawn. When these overseeding and aeration services are done correctly and on the right time, almost any lawn may benefit from these two. The following are some of the reasons why your lawn and the nearby areas require overseeding and core aeration. 


Overseeding and Aeration Promote a Healthy and Thick Lawn 

Overseeding and aeration of your lawn promote optimum health as well as builds resistance to weeds and diseases. With that being said, grass roots require nutrients, water and air to grow strong, deep and thick. Soil becomes thick in the long run, inhibiting the flow of the nutrients getting to the roots of the plants. Core aeration breaks and loosens up compacted soil, letting maximum air in, nutrients and water in order to penetrate down into your lawn’s root system and soil.  

Overseeding your lawn, on the other hand, allows new kinds of grass to be introduced which will help in resisting growth of weeds, pest infestations and diseases. Overseeding also thickens your turf as well as fills in thin or bare areas, making your yard better-suited to eliminate the weeds. Always remember that the fewer the weeds mean the healthier and greener lawn. 

Overseeding and Aerating Improve Germination of Seeds 

Overseeding and aeration enhance germination of seeds by giving access to the deeper portions of the soil. When you seed your yard, many seeds are wasted on top and never make it down to the ground. Holes are made by core aeration letting the small seeds to sink down into the soil of your lawn and germinate deep within. These holes give a safe hiding place against lawn traffic, birds and pests, allowing seed germination in places where their roots can take hold and grow successfully. 

Core Aeration Enhances the Appearance of Your Lawn 

Overseeding and aeration, when paired together, enhance the aesthetic looks and enjoyment of your yard. These two services both keep your lawn looking green and lush as well as promote stronger grass. Healthier and stronger grass appears richer in color. Furthermore, seeding makes the subsequent thickening of lawn and new plant growth, preventing soil compaction, thatch buildup, growth of weeds, and all of which may result in an unattractive lawn. Overseeding and aerating on a regular basis at an appropriate number of times in a year will give you an aesthetically pleasing and satisfying lawn. 

Overseeding and Aerating Save You Money and Time in the Long Run 

Investing in routine lawn maintenance services such as overseeding and core aeration avoids further damage to your lawn which costs you a lot of money, time and work to do. Diseases, the usual wear and tear, and pests all contribute to damaging your lawn and if not handled carefully can cause major problems in the long run. Lastly, these two prevent lawn damage as well especially if it’s done by a professionaSanta Rosa landscaping service provider.